Bernecker Ltd. was established in 2000. The founders of the company are high-class professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry.

The one hundred percent Hungarian-owned enterprise has extended its staff numerous times since its existence employing only acknowledged architects, technical leaders and experts of this very field based on the governing forces of the market as well as the tasks and activities of the time.

Currently the main scope of activity is lock-fitting, and the construction of industrial buildings.
In the past 15 years our company carried out three significant, complex construction projects providing a fully comprehensive service to its clients.

As a general contractor it was involved in the construction and modernization of both public and office buildings, as well as in construction of several hundred residential buildings. It also participated in the development of numerous industrial, agricultural projects and “Greenfield” investments.

The long-term market strategy of Bernecker is based on its carefully selected subcontractors and suppliers along with its responsible and trustworthy staff members. The company guarantees high standards by its continuous monitoring system.

On September 1st 2001 it successfully implemented the EN ISO 9001:2000, this integrated integrated management system ensures quality at all times.

From the spring of 2017, we expect our partners to new office



The Bernecker LTD.'s sales from 2013 to 2016 and the open contracts of year 2017 in thousands Euros.


This clearly shows in the fact that despite of the global recession Bernecker was able to increase its building capacity, yearly revenue and extend the members of its clients in the last few years.

Besides financial stability and the mutually beneficial businessrelationship with its suppliers andsubcontractors enable Bernecker to be successful and thrive on the Hungarian market.

Attila Bakonyi

Managing Director