The construction of industrial buildings, facilities as well as their adjoining utility network is the main activity of Bernecker Ltd. The building of new facilities with „Greenfield” project financing and the development of the already existing complexes require special expertise, tailored to the special needs of the client. The company’s investment projects are characterized by in-depth technical planning and preparation. The design capacity and the expertise of the suppliers meet the highest technical requirements of the industry.
Office buildings on one hand reflect the image of their company, on the other hand are functional buildings serving the needs of the workers, therefore Bernecker works with unique interior designs complemented with special engineering solutions in order to fully satisfy the needs and wants of its clients.
Public buildings in general are high traffic areas as a result of which quality and durability are key factors during the planning and construction of such buildings. Some may even have their own individual maintenance, security and traffic systems. Throughout their „life span” they may get remodeled and restored many times according the given requirements and needs of the actual era.
For many years Bernecker has been successfully assisting its clients in the construction and innovative development of their industrial and agricultural complexes with its efficiency and throughout knowledge targeting nothing less maximum functionality.
Houses create a special atmosphere with their interior and exterior designs combining functionality and comfort in one place. Bernecker believes in applying high-end technology in order to reach optimal efficiency. The company has many years of experience in the construction of residential buildings such as apartment complexes, condominiums and private homes.
Since its foundation the goal of the company is to provide and perform expert services covering the entire range of both structural architecture and general construction. This cannot be achieved without keeping up with the most recent technological innovations and standards while also combing them with great flexibility and client oriented attitude